Crock on!

So, a while ago, Brian (my lovely husband) thought that purchasing my own domain would be a great holiday gift. Not knowing what I’d do with it, I kindly talked him out of the idea. I didn’t see a point to buy something that I wouldn’t use or have no idea what to do with, little did I know though, that at some point down the line, I would.

After getting married this past August 4 (2013), and buying our very first home, we honeymooned and settled in before the new school year began.

It took about a month or so after settling in together, that I realized that I lacked one key cooking tool/appliance (aside from a toaster). A CROCKPOT was something I was on a mission to get. Of course, I pinned ridiculous amounts of crockpot recipes on Pinterest, but I still did not have the actual crockpot. Well one extended weekend (Columbus Day weekend to be exact), I wandered to the outlet stores here on Long Island and purchased my first crockpot. Well technically it was a slow cooker and not the crockpot name-brand, but hey, it does the same trick and it was a pretty decent size (6qt.)!

I finally became obsessed with slow-cooking/crockpotting. When I say obsessed, think of it more as OBSESSED. The kind where a teenager gets OBSESSED with a certain boy band such as the Backstreet Boys, and brings a battery-powered Christmas lights-light up sign to one of their concerts (yea I have no idea who that could’ve been). Once I get into something I enjoy, I really get into it.

So basically after that, it’s really all just been history. I did get a smaller (4qt.) crockpot (name brand), with a cute decorative design outside from mom for the holidays, and I’ve practically never been able to look back.

I plan to share some of my favorite recipes with whomever is willing to read, attempting to make life easier for the rest of you. Many think “crocking” is difficult, or they don’t know what to cook other than the typical pot roast or pulled pork; I’m here to help break you from those chains and show your inner “crock-star!”

Crock on!


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